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Green Corridor Priorities, 2010-2011

  • Attract existing and startup green businesses to the Green Corridor and site them in the region through a network of real estate brokers and economic development directors, matching space needs with opportunity sites appropriate for light manufacturing, assembly, office, warehouse, production and R&D.;
  • Build the Green Corridor Beta Test Program for cleantech startups spinning out of UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and other institutions to use the region as a test site for prototype development, attract early adopters and get commercialized.
  • Increase demand for new and traditional solar energy technologies by implementing a large-scale, regional policy initiative that will boost economic return to the Green Corridor and help meet climate goals.
  • Support the development of a cleantech incubator adjacent to UC Berkeley/ Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to provide shared services and business development assistance in an environment conducive to new venture creation, survival and expansion.

Workforce Development Priorities

  • Develop a coordinated system for industry outreach, employer identification and job placement.
  • Expand workforce training and education infrastructure for alternative transportation industries.
  • Strengthen relationships with the Alameda and Contra Costa County Building Trades to create, strengthen and expand opportunities for current and future workforce.
  • Strengthen feeder programs for future workforce through High School Partnership Academies, adult schools, training programs and the community college systems.
  • Explore advanced training and education programs with community colleges and CA State University, East Bay for management level positions in energy efficiency, building controls and alternative energy.

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