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In late 2010, the Principals of the Green Corridor identified the need for a uniform solar energy permitting process as their number one priority policy in order to meet the following goals:

  • Help drive local solar PV market & bring to scale
  • Remove barriers, increase efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Bring economic benefits to the region, including business growth & quality job creation
  • Help meet cities' climate action goals
  • Build a model implementation that can be replicated across the state and nationally

The Green Corridor heard the need from the solar industry to standardize and harmonize policies for promoting industry growth among the Green Corridor cities!

In August 2013, the Green Corridor's 9 cities approved the Green Corridor's "Rapid PV Permit" for single family residential installations that includes a Solar PV Checklist; Solar PV Standard Plan; and the Green Corridor's innovative structural engineering guidelines, developed by John Wolfe and Andrew Wagner of the Berkeley firm, Tipping Mar, and inspired by Giyan Senaratne, Principal/CEO of West Coast Code Consultants, Inc. - WC3.

Details of New Streamlined Process

  • Standardized residential solar permitting approved across 9 cities, implemented by September 22, 2013;
  • Rapid over-the-counter permitting in 6 cities; 3-7 day turnaround in 3 cities;
  • Cost-recovery permit fees or lower in all cities;
  • Innovative structural guidelines allowing homeowners, installers & cities to bypass expensive and time-consuming engineering assessments.

Green Corridor cities will be streamlining even further with electronic processes down the road.

Check back in on September 22nd, 2013 for a universal database of Green Corridor cities' permitting information.



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