Workforce Training Resources And Coordination

The East Bay Green Corridor partners are committed to strengthening the regional green technology economy while reaching sustainability goals and applying the following workforce & education principles:   

  • Create conditions that support new and emerging green industries 
  • Support employment opportunities in emerging green industries 

As part of a regional effort, the Green Corridor’s Green Career Education and Workforce Development Committee increases the East Bay’s competitiveness by educating skilled workers and by supporting the development of employment opportunities in emerging green industries.  The availability of a skilled workforce is a critical factor in the location decisions of growing firms. 

 While on average, our existing workforce is one of the most educated in the country, not all segments of the population have been able to substantively participate in the new and emerging green business sectors and we are increasing access to these opportunities.

Since 1994, employment growth in green industries has vastly exceeded that of tradition sectors. The Corridor's workforce development efforts are designed to capitalize on this trend and ensure sustained economic development for the East Bay.

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Workforce Training Resources

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