Attract & Grow Green Businesses

Economic development staff the Green Corridor cities are poised to provide location assistance to growing firms and to green companies interested in siting in the East Bay according to specifications.

The Green Corridor has an extensive real estate network and database of opportunity sites that span 8 cities. These sites are well suited for a variety of space needs, including light manufacturing, warehousing, assembly, office, R&D, production, and distribution.

We are attuned to the particular space needs of alternative energy companies, be it LEED-standard buildings, access to local suppliers & customers, proximity to academic & research institutions, or ties to a trained workforce.

The Green Corridor’s real estate community is well versed in the value of environmentally sustainable real estate, which means increased efficiencies, lower operating costs, consistency with green business mission, and a more productive work environment.

Incentive Packages

While each site offers different opportunities for tax advantages and other benefits, general Green Corridor business incentive packages include a comprehensive mix of tax credits and rebates, Enterprise Zone and Local Agency Military Base Recovery Area Programs (LAMBRA), grant, bond and loan financing, access to capital, employment & training resources, trade zones, and business services.

Incentive Packages by individual city can be found here.

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