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Policies & projects that are initiated by the East Bay Green Corridor follow the following guidelines:

  • Fit within the Green Corridor mission and Statement of Principles
  • Can be “taken to scale” and applied on a Green Corridor regional basis
  • Adhere to the triple bottom line, taking into account economic, ecological and social performance, specifically:
    • Support local green businesses in a way that expands markets and/or removes barriers;
    • Leads to Green Corridor economic development and high quality job creation;
    • Connects to workforce training for a variety of wage and skill levels, providing career ladders for low income wage earners whenever possible;
    • Improves the environment and quality of life by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and toxicity, improving water conservation, or conserving natural resources.

The Green Corridor supports policies that unite the Green Corridor members and partners, and build alliances in areas of mutual interest to Green Corridor cities, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and academic institutions.

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