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Advanced Home Energy

We feel like there's a really good market in the East Bay of homeowners interested in energy efficiency and our Richmond location gives us great access to the entire Bay Area.

– Ori Skloot, President and CEO, Advanced Home Energy, Richmond


We have three PhD’s from UC Berkeley, and a very talented and capable workforce. We’re in a major metro area with strong air quality agencies. And we get good support from the Mayor’s office and the Chamber of Commerce.

We really enjoy San Leandro and we’re glad we started out here.

– Dr. Brad Edgar, President and CTO, Cleaire, San Leandro


I am particularly excited to locate the company in the East Bay within sight of UC Berkeley and in the heart of the emerging cleantech hub of Emeryville.

– Justin Raade, CEO & Founder, Halotechnics, Emeryville


The Bay Area is further ahead in terms of thermal solar than other areas in California, and that's one reason why it's attractive for us to be here.

– Ole Pilgaard, President and CEO, Heliodyne, Richmond


Richmond ... is in the center of a group of green companies working together with an eco-friendly atmosphere and encouragement from the City government as well as access to resources from the University.

– Richard Noling, President and CEO, Intellergy, Richmond

Lucid Design Group

Oakland is becoming a hot spot for several sectors, including cleantech.

The University and the Lawrence Berkeley Lab are hugely valuable resources. We have access to the entire talent pool in the Bay Area. Also, the weather is better here than in San Francisco!

– Michael Murray, CEO, Lucid, Oakland

Makani Power

There is no other place that has wide open spaces for testing, resides between two of the best universities and is in close proximity to a concentrated wealth of world class technical talent.

– the late Corwin Hardham, Ph.D, CEO, CTO, Makani Power, Alameda

OSI Soft

We’ve been in business in San Leandro since 1980, and it’s been a great place for us. We like BART, we like being close to the Oakland airport, and we are able to attract a very talented, highly educated workforce here. This is the place to be.

– Jenny Linton, Executive VP of Operations and Administration, OSIsoft, San Leandro

Pax Water Technologies

This is our preferred location because of its access to talent.  We also enjoy being clustered near other green and innovative companies.

– Peter Fiske, PhD, CEO, PAX Water, Richmond


Sungevity is the nation's fastest growing residential solar company and we are proud to be based in the epicenter of the industry, Northern California, and specifically Oakland.

– Danny Kennedy, founder, Sungevity, Oakland


The scientific and engineering talent around UC Berkeley and the spirit of entrepreneurship in Berkeley, make it an ideal location for any new startup.

– Glen Stevick, PhD, PE, CEO, WinPower, Inc., Berkeley

2010 Clean Tech Open Finalist

The Green Corridor has created a business climate where Cleantech startups like Suntulit have the best chance for success.

Whether it’s meeting potential customers, working with the Berkeley National Lab, or understanding the policies that drive our business, the Green Corridor has been key to Suntulit’s growth in local markets.

Our future success will be attributable to the Green Corridor and any Cleantech startup would be fortunate to work with them.

– Vinesh Mehta, Business Development Suntulit, Fremont


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