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The Green Corridor launches its corporate innovation partnership program, Connects!

The Green Corridor recently launched its corporate clean energy innovation program aptly titled, “Green Corridor Connects.”  By establishing local partnerships with our wide network of government leaders, entrepreneurs, real estate community, financiers, and service providers, we will open avenues for meaningful collaborations that lead to concrete results.

Some of the high-end benefits of joining Connects include: accessing public decision makers to share ideas and explore public-private partnerships; making key introductions offering new business opportunities, positive branding and recognition, and making connections to opportunity sites and skilled workforces.   

By joining at any level, you will automatically become a basic member of the East Bay Economic Development Alliance (EBEDA) and have an opportunity to join at a corporate level to secure additional benefits.

All members of Green Corridor Connects have a shared interest in building a robust local clean energy economy by:

  • Creating conditions that support new and emerging green industries;
  • Strengthening programs promoting technology development and transfer;
  • Supporting employment development opportunities in emerging green industries;
  • Building a more cohesive regional identity in green business sectors; and
  • Protecting our economies from climate change and energy shocks.

For a listing of Connects benefit levels, please click here.

Interested parties should contact Carla Din, carla@eastbayeda.orgor (510) 272-3889.  We look forward to partnering with you!

Thank you!

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