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SmartSolar Rebates

SmartSolar, a service of the Community Energy Services Corporation, is offering special $200 rebates through the end of 2012 to offset the costs of energy audits. SmartSolar strongly encourages homeowners to undergo these energy audits before installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to first lower electricity demands through energy efficiency measures. That way, your PV system will cover a larger percentage of your home’s energy needs and save you more money.

SmartSolar’s other free services include reviewing the energy history of residential homes and providing guidance on finding solar technologies that suit your dwelling’s property type. To determine the best solution, the program also takes into account all available rebates, tax incentives and other credits. SmartSolar then provides homeowners with information on the various solar vendors in the area.
To apply for the rebate and to sign up for your free SmartSolar assessment, contact SmartSolar at or (510) 981-7750.

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